Customs Appeals Commission Established

Ministry of Finance, Financial Complex, Saint George’s

The Customs and Excise Division announces that the Customs Appeals Commission has been established and is in full effect.

The commission was formally created in the 1st quarter of 2017 in keeping with Section 205 of the Customs Act. It acts as an independent review body on reviewable decisions taken by the Comptroller of Customs and Excise Division to the dissatisfaction of a person or an entity conducting business with the division.

The members of the Customs Appeals Commission are as follows;

  • Anande Trotman-Joseph         Chairman
  • Junior Mahon                          Government Representative
  • Rev Dr Osbourne James         Conference of Churches
  • Patrick Bubb                           Former Comptroller of Customs
  • Emmanuel Duncan                 Private Sector
  • Alisha Thomas                        Secretary

Please be advised all matters should be sent to Alisha Thomas, Secretary to the Customs Appeals Commission, Financial Complex, the Carenage, St George’s or or at 440-6843.

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