GARP Diabetic Foot Clinic

GARP Diabetic Foot Clinic team

For the 2nd year, GARP (The Grenada Association of Retired Persons) in conjunction with C-PAC Carriacou, Petite Martinique Action committee) was able to bring a team of medical professionals to Grenada and Carriacou to treat patients with diabetic foot and limb wounds as well as teach medical students from St George’s University, nurses in Grand Bras, St George and Carriacou in the proper care and treatment of diabetic wounds.

The team, led by renowned surgeon and diabetic wound specialist, Dr Steven Wells of New York was accompanied by Dr Claudia Barnett of Atlanta, Dr Simone McConnie of Barbados, nurse Nicole Frith of New York and Selwyn Mills of New York and Carriacou.

Twenty plus patients were attended to in Carriacou, 25 in Grand Bras and 67 in St George’s. Both nurses and medical students were able to do the hands-on diagnosis and treatment.

Dr.Wells also lectured a group of hand and feet care providers of manicures and pedicures on how to recognise the signs of diabetic foot problems and how to advise patients on proper foot care. He addressed the group on the importance of using sterile implements to avoid the danger of infections in all clients, but most particularly in diabetics. The lecture was delivered at the GARP Welcome Centre on Kirani James Boulevard. He also gave a lecture to medical students at St George’s University.

In addition, the team brought medications and supplies in the value of approximately, US$250,000. Some of these were used for the clinics and treatment of patients, the remainder donated to be distributed to healthcare facilities in Grenada and Carriacou.

GARP has taken the lead in identifying, treating and teaching about this very serious diabetes-related problem and ensuring better outcomes for patients in our country. Our thanks to the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Health. Our thanks also to the media for their support for publicising the clinics.


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