Grenada’s Anti-Corruption System Recognised as Regional Best Practice

Lady Anande Trotman–Joseph

Lady Avril Anande Trotman-Joseph, Chairman of the Integrity Commission of Grenada, announced that Grenada’s anti-corruption system has been recognised as a regional best practice.

She made the announcement during an address to the second Educational Outreach Seminar, for political parties, at the Kirani James Athletic Stadium, on 10 November 2017.

Speaking about the importance of all being involved in the fight against corruption, Lady Trotman-Joseph said the Integrity Commission of Grenada is now placing emphasis on statutory bodies.

She said, “We have also begun the sensitisation and sessions with our statutory bodies of Grenada and they have had their first sessions. They have as the heads and CEOs of those public bodies, begun their declaration process and therefore we are beginning to test their declarations for accuracy and to make any inquiries and we have also begun another tranche of work with these statutory bodies and we have begun to gather baseline information about their systems. So, in doing so, we are starting with those that may seem more at risk, in terms of having their systems perhaps a little weaker, or testing them randomly against those that may have systems that are even stronger, but that way we are gathering information present to make sure that these statutory bodies are compliant, with not only the integrity acts or the prevention of corruption act, but there are also some other pieces of legislation that are also related to what we do.”


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