World AIDS Day: 1 December

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Activities to observe World AIDS Day (WAD) 2017 are taking shape, as the Grenada Planning Committee prepares for 1 December 2017.

At its recent meeting at the Ministry of Health on Tuesday, 7 November, the committee agreed on a Health Expo to commemorate World AIDS Day on 1 December. That day’s activity will be held at Camerhogne Park, Morne Rouge, and will feature Non-Governmental Organizations, government ministries, statutory bodies and partnering businesses, free HIV testing, entertainment, information, and other attractions for students and adults.

The theme for this year’s World AIDS Day is ‘Right To Health’.

An addition to local WAD activities is the use of the new mobile blood bank vehicle, to provide free HIV testing in the lead up to 1 December.

Head of the committee Judy Benoit says “we are going to be targeting the men by engaging companies with a large influx of male workers.”

Some persons have been trained, and various sites are currently being certified to provide ‘Rapid Testing’ for HIV and Syphilis, where persons can be tested and results provided within half hour, as opposed to several weeks. School competitions, as well as media interviews, are among the promotional activities planned. Several entertainment artistes have also expressed interest in participating in the Health Expo on 1 December.

A full schedule of activities will be launched on Tuesday, 14 November, when the World AIDS Day Grenada Planning Committee engages the business community with the aim of soliciting support in the venture.

World AIDS Day Grenada Planning Committee

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