Health Minister Calls for Moderate Consumption During Festive Season

by Linda Straker

Health Minister Nikolas Steele has issued a special call for men in particular to ease up on the excessive drinking of alcohol over the Christmas season, because of the negative health implications it can have especially for those suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

“Our records have shown that during the festive season there is a high number of patients admitted for these ailments, and this can be avoided,” Steele said.

“This is a message especially for men; our males drink and consume a lot of foods that aide in these ailments, so my message to them is moderation. As we enter the season, let us do so in moderation and enjoy a bright and prosperous new year,” Steele said at the weekly Tuesday morning Post Cabinet briefing.

Though the minister’s emphasis is on the male population, the message he said is also for females because they also engage in excessive drinking and consuming foods that can lead to diabetes and high blood pressure.

“The key message for all is moderation; do not drink and eat excessively,” he said.

Studies have also shown that pregnant women should also pay close attention to foods consumed, as some of these foods when taken in excess have properties that can induce labour, resulting in the earlier delivery of babes or the miscarriage of the foetus.

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