RGPF Holiday Advisory to Business Owners and Mobile Salespersons

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is encouraging business owners and mobile salespersons to make security a top priority this holiday season so as to avoid falling victim to lawbreakers on the prowl.

Retail merchants and mobile salespersons are encouraged to guard against theft by giving consideration to trip/route planning and coordination of sales delivery; avoiding late evening return as well as varying delivery times/days and routes.

Mobile sales persons, in particular are advised to be discreet with the handling of money bags and not leave same in plain view. Lock all doors and side doors while traveling and immediately after sales delivery and avoid leaving vehicles unattended and avoid using roads less travelled.

With the approaching holiday season persons are encouraged to be sensitive to the potential security threats associated with the season and are urged to be extra vigilant. All suspicious activities should be reported to the police.

Office of Commissioner of Police

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