St Andrew Buses: Zone 2, Zone 6 and Zone 9 Relocating

The general public is advised that with effect from Thursday, 21 December 2017 the buses plying the following routes in the St Andrew Zone 2, Zone 6 and Zone 9 will be relocated to the Grenville Bus Terminal, Moon Shadow Park.

As a result of the relocation of the buses, the following changes will be in effect immediately:

  • Parking of private vehicles will no longer be allowed at the Grenville Bus Terminal;
  • All bus routes will now commence and terminate at the Grenville Bus Terminal;
  • Pedestrians are to walk ONLY on the pavements at the back of the metal rails;
  • No buses would be allowed to occupy the streets in the Town of Grenville;
  • Commuters are to utilise the loading bays as prescribed in the Grenville Bus Terminal
  • NO Vending will be allowed on the compound of the Grenville Bus Terminal.

We are looking forward to the cooperation of the general public and in particular the bus operators.

Ministry of Communications & Works

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