Statement From Grenada Bureau of Standards

Grenada Bureau of Standards

During this festive season, we take this opportunity to remind the public to be vigilant when purchasing and consuming various items. We encourage consumers to read the labels of products, like Christmas lights, toys and electronics before purchasing the products.

We remind consumers that labels of pre-packaged goods must contain English to be sold throughout the State of Grenada. The label requirements for pre-packaged goods are as follows:

  • Brand name, as well as the common name of the product;
  • Net content/Net weight;
  • Ingredients;
  • Preservatives/Additives/Allergens;
  • Expiration/Best before date;
  • Instructions for use;
  • Storage Instructions;
  • Batch/Lot number;
  • Name and Address of manufacturer;
  • Country of origin.

The Bureau of Standards has received reports of fake or unsafe pre-packaged foods such as rice, cheese, cabbage, bottled water/fake bottled water (water containing sugar or colouring). We are urging consumers to be cautious when purchasing these items. Consumers are also encouraged to purchase goods/foods that are labelled correctly and to avoid consuming if the quality or taste is not as expected.

Consumers can report the findings of fake or unsafe foods to the relevant authority.

We thank you for your assistance in helping us to ensure a quality consciousness throughout 2017, and we wish you a safe Christmas and a happy new year!

Grenada Bureau of Standards 

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