Video: Victims of Sexual Violence Will Soon Have Supportive Network

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

The Lotus Programme, Grenada’s newest anti-sexual violence foundation will, in 2018 institute a psychoeducational support group treatment programme for victims of child sexual abuse.

Victims between the ages of 12-18, will have a support network of professional counsellors ready and willing to provide assistance.

The Heal With Hope Foundation (HWHF) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2016 by Correne George, a resident of Gouyave, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (Hons) from the University of the West Indies, and is presently enrolled in a diploma in PTSD therapy and an MSc Psychology.

Speaking with Now Grenada, George shared her passion for helping female victims of sexual violence whom she says are not receiving the kind of support needed in order to heal.

The foundation intends to implement a variety of programmes and activities including yoga and self-defence that will seek to motivate and improve the self-esteem of victims of sexual abuse. She anticipates in January of next year the programme can be rolled out.

“The foundation is going a step further in providing support to victims and will be doing that through the provision of the psychoeducational support group for female victims… we are hoping to collaborate with Child Protection Authority CPA, Legal Aid and Counselling Clinic and GRENCODA, so they can give us the referrals, so those victims can participate.”

The Heal with Hope founder will also be relying on the general public to assist in referring victims to the foundation.

“We are hoping that the public can refer [people]; if you know someone that is a victim of sexual abuse and is between that age, we are asking people to get in contact with us…there is limited space available however, we are not hoping to do this as a one-off but as a continuous effort so even if [people] will not be able to fit into the first cycle of the programme, we are hoping to do more cycles in future.”

To date, the HWHF has partnered with individuals, groups and other organisations in raising awareness, including participating in a series of marches and panel discussions against Sexual Abuse put on by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) and the ministries of Health and Education.

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