Video: 100 Christmas Hampers Distributed Compliments RGPF

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

As it has become customary around the Yuletide season, the Women’s Arm of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) continues to forge stronger ties with the community through its food hamper distribution Initiative.

On Wednesday, 20 December the RGPF completed their distribution of 100 Christmas hampers to less fortunate elderly residents of the Western, Eastern and Central division.

The caravan began its journey on Tuesday alongside the Western division making its first stop at Concord, St John and ending the day at Paradise in St Andrew.

The following day another caravan traversed the parish of St George bringing Christmas cheer and distributing, even more food hampers and toys.

Inspector Rebekah Jones Pinnock said over the past 15 years, this style of community policing has yielded results.

“We are very privileged to be championing community policing at this time of the year by visiting this targeted sector of the community, being our elderly people and those who are less fortunate in celebrating the yuletide.”

Inspector Rebekah Jones Pinnock says this initiative will continue for years to come. “The women’s arm has been going around distributing food hampers for approximately 15 years now, so it is a very remarkable and exciting time for us and it is an activity that we pursue and we intend to pass it on to the rank and file of the RGPF.”

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