Video: Grand Anse Home for the Aged Seeks Financial Assistance for Expansion

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

In 2018 the directors of the Grand Anse Home for the Aged will seek to garner funding to undertake further expansion of the home as the need for additional space has become necessary.

Currently, the home provides care to 22 senior citizens, but has a growing number of elderly citizens on the waiting list.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ann David-Antoine says the home must adapt to the changing social structure of the family where children are no longer able to provide care for their elderly due to employment obligations.

“Children are not able to look after their seniors as they would in past because people are at work, they have different issues to deal with, and so there is a need for homes like these.”

David-Antoine says, once completed, the expansion will be able to accommodate temporary care of elderly citizens as well. “People will be able to take their mom or their dad to the home for the day while they themselves go to work.”

At present, the project proposal is being drafted and once completed, the board of directors will be seeking both internal and external funding to undertake the expansion, expected to cost over $100,000. “As soon as we get that project proposal we will be able to put a cost on it, but we know it must cost well over $100,000,” said David-Antoine.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, the home staged its annual Christmas party, hosted for the 2nd year by Latin dance group Bailamos Inc, which was founded in 2017 and has a membership of over 50 people. As part of their efforts to bring Christmas cheer to the residents of the home, the group provided the entertainment by demonstrating the art of salsa dancing.

President of the Bailamos Inc, Yoan Baldeau said this year’s initiative was quite successful. “We did the salsa with them, we did line dancing with them, and they really had a good time…we also have some more initiatives, and that is to go to schools and to introduce Latin dancing to children.”

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