Announcement: TAMCC Presidential Search

T A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC)

The following is a statement from Rod Morrison, DPhil, Chair, TAMCC Presidential Selection Committee.

“As you may be aware, The Council has begun the process of selecting the next President for TAMCC in accordance with TAMCC’s by-laws.

A Selection Committee of 8 members has been composed. I have been asked to chair the selection committee and am honored to serve with the following members:

  • Arshad Ahmad as a representative of our McMaster Partnership
  • Brandon Alexander as the Head of the Student Representative Council
  • Colin Dowe as Chair of Council
  • Ruel Edwards as a representative of the Grenadian business community
  • Kemoy Edwards-Sylvester as a representative of faculty
  • Rod Morrison (Chair) as a representative of the PETNA Foundation
  • Michael Pierre as a representative of the Government of Grenada
  • Cassandra Slocombe as a representative of the parent and business community

The selection of a president is an incredibly important decision for the TAMCC community. In light of the importance of this role, we conducted a comprehensive selection process to identify a search firm to assist us. As a result of this process we have engaged the executive search firm Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette to conduct an international search for the next President. Mark Surrette, Founder, will serve as lead consultant for this search assisted by Jason Ozon and Emma Wach.

Consultation will be an essential element of the search process as the Council and the Selection Committee establish the ideal candidate profile. While input is appreciated throughout the search process, there will be several opportunities and means by which to provide feedback in the immediate future.

An electronic survey (e-survey) will be sent out this week and, although we encourage stakeholders to complete the e-survey in the next 2 weeks, it will remain active for comments throughout the search. Mark Surrette and I will also be visiting TAMCC for in-person consultations in early January 2018. The details for these meetings will be forthcoming in the next 10 days but we would encourage you to hold time in your schedules on these days. Ultimately, I encourage you to share your ideas and perspectives with the Selection Committee so that we are well informed in this important decision. Your feedback will be incredibly valuable to the search process and myself, the Council and the Selection Committee look forward to receiving your input.

In addition to seeking your feedback on the ideal candidate profile, if there is anyone you believe should be considered as the next President we encourage you to bring their name forward. You can do this via the search email which is or by calling Mark or Jason directly at 1.866.822.6022. We welcome any recommendations you would like to make.

We will be providing regular updates to the TAMCC community to keep you apprised of how the search is moving forward. It is our hope that we will be in-market within a few days beginning the active searching phase which should take the better part of December and January. We plan on conducting interviews during February and March with the hope that an appointment can be made in early Spring.

As one of Grenada’s most respected institutions, TAMCC is a unique and integral part of the country’s educational landscape. We are committed to conducting a comprehensive search to identify our next President; someone who will build on TAMCC’s reputation for excellence, embody TAMCC’s commitment to personalised and rigorous education and serve as an inspirational leader for the TAMCC community.

On behalf of the Council and the Presidential Selection Committee, I appreciate your support in this endeavour.”

Consultation will be an essential element of the search process as the Council and the Selection Committee establish the ideal candidate profile. As part of shaping the ideal candidate profile, Council and the Selection Committee are particularly interested to hear your views on:

  • The key opportunities and challenges facing TAMCC the president might address;
  • The most important priorities for the president must address; and
  • The necessary leadership attributes the president must have to be successful.

In this regard, special meetings have been set up at Teacher Education Department, Room #10, for you to provide your perspective on the aforementioned topics. You may also choose to provide your insights anonymously through this e-survey:

Consultations with TAMCC Community; Duration: 1 hour for each session
Time 8 January 9 January 10 January Focus Groups
9:00 am SASPS Arts & Humanities & General Studies & Teacher Education Lecturers SASPS Students Administrative Staff
10:00 am SAAT Building Construction & Technology & Mechanical Technology Lecturers SAAT Students Staff
11:00 am SASPS Business Studies & Office Administration & Social Sciences Lecturers SASPS Students Staff
Lunch Break
1:00 pm SAAT Computer & Electronics Technology, General Education, Tourism & Hospitality Lecturers SASPS Students
2:00 pm SASPS Natural Sciences, Other Related Sciences Lecturers SAAT Students
3:00 pm SCE Lecturers & Staff SCE Students
4:30pm Parents Parents

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