Disgruntled Osprey Lines customers demand refund

Osprey Lines late departure

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

  • Engine malfunction delayed Osprey shuttle service this morning to Carriacou
  • Disgruntled customers demand refund

Engine malfunction of the Osprey Lines Ltd this morning delayed shuttle service to Carriacou, severely inconveniencing customers in the process, most of whom were anticipating taking part in festive activities in Carriacou, Kayak Mas 2018.

Many complained of having to wait several hours after arriving as early as 7 this morning.

The boat’s engine was restored around 12 pm, but with many impatient customers, tempers flared with a swarm of people pushing and rushing to get on board. Normal departure time for the Osprey Lines service is at 9 am, but today Saturday, the departure was recorded at 1:21 pm with dozens of customers left stranded after enduring hours of standing in line.

This chaotic situation on the Carenage resulted in disgruntled Osprey customers demanding a refund of their money.

Osprey customers stranded on the Carenage

NOW Grenada spoke with several returning nationals and visitors — who opted to remain anonymous — who are not happy with the level of disrespect shown by the company. Comments include:

“I was supposed to get on the boat to go to Carriacou last night and I am still stranded here. I was told I have to wait until 7:30 tonight…the services are disgusting, and there is no customer service.”

“This is really disgusting. I have been sleeping on the streets last night.”

“Them now, they just taking people money and they say they are not refunding; then you become the loser since they have no competition.”

“I paid 4 days in advance for a ticket tomorrow at 8 am to get a flight out of Union Island, and it is critical that I get there on time…. but this situation is going to disrupt my travel plans severely.”

Osprey Lines management was approached for a comment on the situation but was ignored. However, some customers have reported that management has indicated to them that shuttle service would return for a second trip later this evening but could not provide a definite time of departure.

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