Will this be the year when the Abatement of Litter Act 2015 (!) is finally implemented? 

Meanwhile, the Grenada Green Group (G3) invites you – yes, YOU – to adopt as many of the following as possible as New Year’s resolutions.  It doesn’t matter that you are starting late – just adopt them anyway.  Now.

  • Will you undertake not to drop any litter, but to dispose of it properly?
  • Adults, will you tell your children never to drop litter?  Children, will you tell your adults never to drop litter?
  • Will you challenge anyone you see dropping litter, as long as it is safe to do so?
  • Will you take your own bag when shopping, and/or ask supermarket bag packers to FILL a bag before they start on the next one?  (If a bag is filled intelligently, ie without sharp-cornered items at the outside, you do not need to ‘double up’.)
  • Will you refuse little plastic bags for little items?  They are quite useless, and not re-usable.
  • Will you as far as possible, avoid drinks sold in plastic bottles, and refuse drinking straws?
  • Will you practice the alternatives to littering, ie planting and painting around your property?
  • Will you send photos of bad littering to G3, so that we can publicise them?
  • Will you join G3 in our fight against littering?  Attend our meetings, contribute ideas?  Or at least contribute ideas by phone 537-9174 or email
  • Will you actively ensure that any events you are involved with (school sports, church fundraisers etc.) have proper litter collection facilities in place, and that announcements are made about not littering at the event or on the way home afterwards?
  • Will you invite G3 to make a presentation to your community group, workplace, school or club?

If you do, then, as they say, you are part of the solution, not of the problem.


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