Health Manifesto of the Grenada Empowerment Movement

The following is the Health Manifesto of the Grenada Empowerment Movement, ‘Empowering our people through accessible and affordable healthcare.’

The Grenada Empowerment Movement strives to:

  1. Restore the core values of the health care system.
  2. Improve access to primary healthcare.
  3. Reallocate pertinent resources to primary healthcare, as well as improve the primary healthcare infrastructure.
  4. Invest in staff through adequate training and recruitment, as well as invest in pertinent medical equipment and accessories.
  5. Review then upgrade existing health legislation and establish avenues for reporting discrepancies.
  6. Increase access to mental health services.
  7. Promote health awareness.
  8. Provide subsidised healthcare for the elderly, low income households and single parents.
  9. Establish sound networks with regional and international health sectors.

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