Mexican Ambassador visits Grenada for Independence celebrations

Mexico congratulates Grenada and its people on the 44th anniversary of its independence.

President Peña Nieto of Mexico sent a letter to Her Excellency Cécile La Grenade, Governor General of Grenada, and to the Hon. Keith Mitchell, the Prime Minister, in which he expressed his intention of consolidating the relations between the two nations based on friendship, cooperation and respect.

In that sense, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Luis Videgaray, also sent a letter of congratulations to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Grenada, Hon. Elvin Nimrod, expressing his conviction that the continual strengthening of the relations between Mexico and Grenada will offer development and improved wellbeing to the people of the two countries.

The Ambassador of Mexico to the Eastern Caribbean States, His Excellency Oscar Esparza-Vargas, is currently visiting Grenada to participate in the official events offered to commemorate the 44th Anniversary of the Independence of Grenada. These events include the reception offered by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Military Parade and a Cultural Display. During his visit, the Ambassador also visited the construction site of the Parliament Building, currently being financed by Mexico, and made a courtesy call to the Leader of the Opposition. In that regard, the attendance of the Ambassador during this important celebration is a testament to Mexico’s continued commitment to deepen bilateral relations with Grenada.

Mexico and Grenada have enjoyed diplomatic relations since 1975 and, since then, Mexico has sought to strengthen the bilateral ties between both nations through various initiatives, including development cooperation. One of the most recent contribution of Mexico to Grenada and its people is the financing of the reconstruction of the House of Parliament.

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