The importance of the St Andrew’s North West constituency

Mirabeau Abbatoir

by Terry Noel

The constituency of St Andrew’s North West is arguably the most important constituency in the parish of St Andrew due to the important infrastructure that lies within the constituency itself. In most cases, its infrastructure outmatches its counterparts in terms of its assets and the services they provide to rural Grenada.

Therefore, the next parliamentary representative for the constituency of St Andrew’s North West should be one with some substance that understands its potential and significance, and be ready to maximise the existing infrastructure into further development. More importantly, this vital infrastructure continues to contribute immensely to the people of St Andrew and the surrounding parishes and by extension the various sectors of government.

Princess Alice Hospital


For decades the constituency has made important contributions to the health sector through the (Mirabeau) Princess Alice Hospital (PAH) by offering its services to rural Grenadians. Established since 1950 the PAH has been playing an integral role in more than half of the country’s population — mainly to the people of St Andrew, St Patrick, St John and St David. In addition, the constituency has 4 polyclinics in the different communities within the constituency which provide additional service to citizens on the community level.

Likewise, the construction of the Mirabeau Abattoir will also play a critical role in the modernisation and development of the state, especially where technology and hygiene are of serious concern. The state of the art abattoir at Mirabeau where animals will be slaughtered for human consumption — where proper hygiene is a priority — will eliminate all the unsanitary practices which occurred in the past and will prevent the outbreak of diseases that can be dangerous to the nation’s health and well-being.

Boulogne Propagation Station


It is well established that the area is known for its fertile soil and agricultural prowess and thus contributes vastly to the agriculture sector on a national level. In fact, it is not by accident that the agricultural wing of the TA Marryshow Community College (Farm School) was constructed in the area where it continues to make significant contribution in training young minds in the area of agricultural science and public health, thus ensuring a bright future for the health and agricultural industries.

Moreover, the constituency also housed not one but 2 propagation stations; namely, the Boulogne Propagation Station and the Mirabeau Propagation Station which involve crop husbandry where young plants are developed to provide a constant flow of quality plants to farmers in order to sustain the farming communities thereby ensuring and sustaining production.

According to Allan Charles, the supervisor at the Boulongue Propagation Station, annually, Boulongue alone is responsible for the production of 35,000 cocoa plants, 15,000 nutmeg plants, 1,000 soursoup plants and 500 breadfruit plants, while at the same time supplying other propagation stations.

Similarly, the Mirabeau Propagation Station which also involves crop husbandry provides an additional service where farm machinery such as tractors are used for ploughing and preparing farms for planting at a reasonable rate to farmers.

The constituency also housed the Mt Horne Cocoa Station, the main cocoa station on the island where raw cocoa is processed and stored before shipment, or being transformed into chocolate by the local chocolate factories.

Mt Horne Dam


Importantly, the constituency also controls most of the parish water supply and has 2 dams (the Mirabeau Cyan Dam and the Mt Horne Dam) that supply other reservoirs and the parish with fresh drinking water that is necessary for the sustenance of life.


In regard to the tourist industry, the constituency provides a good source for ecotourism since it has the world famous Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve — a frequented tourist spot — as well as the Clabony Sulphur spring which are all tourist destinations with potential for further development.


In regard to the construction sector, the Mirabeau Quarry is making significant contribution to the construction industry by providing gravel and binders in the construction of roads and buildings throughout the country.


In the area of education, there is the agriculture wing of TA Marryshow Community College as mentioned above where students are trained in the area of agricultural science and public health. Also, there are 4 primary schools which played major roles in nurturing and shaping young minds thus ensuring their readiness for secondary education. Interestingly, Grenada’s first prime minister was educated at one of these institutions — the (La Fillette) St Mary’s RC School where a plaque was laid in his honour.

In conclusion, owing to the many important infrastructures that exists within the constituency of St Andrew’s North West, one can surmise that this is no ordinary constituency and therefore deserves proper representation that understands its significance and importance, and is willing to take up the enormous task that lies ahead to transform its infrastructures into its fullest potential where Grenadians can reap maximum benefits thus contributing to the overall development of the state.

There is so much to be done!

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