Work begins at 2 sites in second phase of Grenada–China housing project

Hon Delma Thomas

Housing Minister Delma Thomas says construction is starting in 2 sites as the 2nd phase of the Grenada–China low-income housing project gets underway.

Minister Thomas’ announcement comes amid sod turning ceremonies in St Patrick and St David, signalling the beginning of construction work.

“We are ready to start construction in these 2 sites, Corinth in St David and the Villa in St Patrick; we have 3 other sites Dumfries in Carriacou, Diamond in St Mark and Beausejour in St George which will come later on this year, everyone will start this year, the last one will be at the end of the year,” said Minister Thomas.

“You have heard earlier that the whole process will take 3 years; so, it will not take 3 years to complete here, but because we have 5 sites, it will take 3 years to complete all 5 sites.”

The 2nd phase of the housing project will see the construction of 647 housing units at 5 sites which according to Housing Minister Delma Thomas will be completed within 3 years. 70 units will be built in St Patrick.

“This is well timed. We are in dire need of housing in St Patrick and all of Grenada… and I want to say to you Ambassador that what you have done for our people will remain with us,” said Pamela Moses, Candidate for St Patrick East.

“You are changing lives of the People in St Patrick East, and we are honoured to partner with you in servicing the Grenadian people. As a government, we will continue to do just that.”

In St Patrick West, Hon Anthony Boatswain says more than $2.5 million has been spent on housing repairs and construction since 2013.

He too is happy that the housing deficit in the parish can be addressed.

“Over the last 5 years, this administration has spent in excess of $25 million on improving the housing conditions for poor and vulnerable throughout the country. In addition to approximately $12 million being given out in soft loans to middle-income earners to build their own homes,” said Minister Boatswain.

“Here in St Patrick West, we have spent in excess of $2.5 million on the House Repair Programme, in addition to over $200,000 in soft loans. In spite of this significant expenditure, severe challenges still exist with housing in St Patrick.”


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