76-year-old man charged with assault of election candidate

by Linda Straker

  • Mathias Balthazar was charged after he assaulted NNP candidate Alvin DaBreo
  • Balthazar appeared at the St John’s Magistrate court on Thursday and is presently on bail

A 76-year-old man from the parish of St John is the latest person to be charged with an offence related to behaviour during a general election campaign.

Mathias Balthazar of Mt Plaisir, St John was charged after he assaulted Alvin DaBreo, the New National Party (NNP) candidate for the constituency. DaBreo was attending the funeral service of an NNP stalwart on Wednesday.

Balthazar is reported to have physically assaulted and been verbally abusive to Dabreo, using obscene as well as threatening language — all in the presence of officers. When one of the officers intervened, Balthazar started fighting with the officer. He was subsequently restrained and detained, and later arrested and charged with a series of offences including obscene language, assault on police, disorderly behaviour and assault to DaBreo.

DaBreo made an official complaint to the police.

Balthazar appeared at the St John’s Magistrate court on Thursday and is presently on bail. He is one of several persons who have been charged with offences related to the unacceptable behaviour of persons during the campaign for the 13 March General Elections. After the election date was disclosed, as a result of complaints from the public, the police announced that there would be a stronger presence during campaign activities.

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