Child safety at Eastertime

With the approaching Easter holiday, the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) reminds parents and guardians of the importance of ensuring children are safe at all times.

Whether it be at home or an outing, empowering children to be safety-savvy is important. Parents/guardians are encouraged to teach and or remind children about the significance of keeping entry and exit doors locked and that no one is to enter the property without your permission.

Always keep a list of emergency contacts near the telephone or on the fridge, within your children’s reach. This list should include police emergency number 911, the nearest police station, parents/guardians and any contact deem necessary.

  • Never leave children home unsupervised
  • If your child regularly walks to a friend in the neighbourhood, walk the route with him/her
  • Older children should be encouraged to inform parents/guardians when they are leaving and when they arrive at their destination
  • Explain to children that it is better to walk a somewhat longer route down familiar streets where there is more activity, than taking short-cuts or walking along deserted areas.

If going to the beach or pool parents/guardians are advised

  • To engage children in talks on water safety
  • Never leave children unattended in or around large bodies of water
  • Remember that children using noodles and other flotation devices must be properly supervised
  • Be mindful that even a small inflatable pool or bucket full of water is a potential danger to children
  • If a child goes missing while at the beach or pool, check the water first as every second counts in preventing drowning or permanent disability.
  • Children should also be taught always to ask permission to go near the water.

Office of Commissioner of Police

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