Corporate citizens continue commitment to Carlton House re-establishment 5-year plan

Ronald Hughes donates funds to Grenada Co-operative Bank for the Carlton House Project

The month of April will once again see the ever-anticipated, and growing, Grenada Co-operative Bank Ltd, ‘Pump it Up Fun Walk take to the streets in Grenada & Carriacou.

As a precursor to the event the bank met with its corporate benefactors for the handover of funds pledged towards the banks specified undertaking of a 5-year EC$500,000 improvement plan, for the Carlton House project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Government of Grenada. This undertaking is a direct result of the strength of the Co-op Bank ‘Pump It Up’ brand, which has now enabled the bank in leveraging for even bigger and greater causes.

Richard Duncan, Managing Director of Grenada Co-operative Bank Ltd expressed his pleasure at the continued commitment of Carlton House benefactors; Jonas Browne & Hubbard, FLOW Grenada Ltd. and Guardian General Insurance (OECS) Ltd and also in welcoming newcomer, Antillean Life Insurance, to their midst. He acknowledged with pride that the bank’s ‘Pump It Up’ Fun Walk had reached such a level of maturity and personal time investment, that the volunteers surrounding it are now primarily to be attributed with the success of its planning and execution.

Ronald Hughes, Managing Director of Guardian General Insurance (OECS) Ltd, was amongst his fellow benefactors in welcoming Antilliean Life Insurance to their ranks. He stated, “with a cause as pertinent as a facility for substance and alcohol abuse, there can only be real pleasure in welcoming more and more of corporate Grenada’s involvement. Even in our own day to day business, we see the direct impact that arises from these ills in our society and, as with any illness, they need to be addressed and treated in humane ways, whilst looking toward mid and long-term benefits for all recipients.”

Allan Bierzynski expressed his pleasure in living up to Hubbard’s commitment toward assisting in the funding of the re-establishment of Carlton House in due course. He strongly encouraged young persons to join in the ‘Pump It Up’ Fun Walk, an activity which he has enjoyed for the past 3 years.

Garvin Taylor, the health consultant for this year’s Fun Walk, reiterated the health aspects of Pump It Up, calling it ‘the nation’s most recognised health walk,’ and also used the opportunity to encourage an overall adjustment in lifestyles geared towards healthy diet and exercise. Advising that such action towards combatting common ailments within the Caribbean, such as diabetes and hypertension can see the region realise increased life expectancy figures. He concluded by stating “The Health Walk helps people to get started on this change. Act now! Let’s prevent what’s preventable, reverse what’s reversible and treat what’s treatable.”

The Grenada Co-operative Bank Ltd annual ‘Pump it Up’ Fun Walk is scheduled to take place on Sunday 8 April 2018 in Carriacou and Sunday, 22 April in Grenada.

Grenada Co-operative Bank Ltd

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