Grouping of Civil Society Organisations statement on Election 2018

The Grouping of Civil Society Organisations congratulates the people of the state of Grenada who exercised their democratic right and responsibility and participated in the 2018 General Elections of 13 March and commends them for the generally peaceful and responsible conduct which prevailed.

The Grouping also congratulates Political Leader, Dr Keith Mitchell, and his New National Party team on its historic consecutive clean sweep victory at the polls. We also take this opportunity to congratulate all candidates, particularly those candidates of the newly emerged political parties and the independents, for having had the courage and conviction to offer themselves for highest public office.

For a consecutive term, 40% of the electorate who voted will not have any representation in the House of Representatives. It is no secret that this is an unhealthy situation for any country that would describe itself as democratic. We note that already some overly enthusiastic supporters of the winning party have begun to make pronouncements about the results of the election signaling that Grenadians voters are not interested in the opposition party, seemingly oblivious to the fact that 40% of the electorate did not vote for the winning party and that they too have a stake in the governance of our country, a right to participate and to be heard. If Grenada is not to descend into a state of unhealthy intolerance for the views of those whose party did not win” vigilance is required on the part of every citizen to hold to account those who have been elected.

Given that the “clean sweep” has resulted in the absence of an official opposition, it is incumbent upon the party of the unrepresented 40% and other candidates who offered themselves for office but were not elected, to remain engaged in the political process of the country and to represent as best as possible those who would have entrusted their votes to them. The Grouping of Civil Society Organisations wishes our country well and looks forward to continuing engagement on issues of governance and national development with the new government, all political parties, the wider civil society and the general public.

Grouping of Civil Society Organisations
19 March 2018

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