Prime Minister Mitchell has no issue with Grenlec workers

Prime Minister Dr Rt Hon Keith Mitchell is making it clear that his government has absolutely no issue with Grenlec and its employees, but with its majority shareholder WRB.

During a recent political rally in St Patrick, Dr Mitchell took issue with the Florida based WRB for what he said are its attempts to interfere in Grenada’s political process.

The company recently released a statement challenging the constitutionality of government’s newly-legislated 5% ‘Social Fund,’ adding that it had filed a lawsuit to protect the rights of its nearly 1,600 shareholders.

Dr Mitchell says the workers and company are not the issue. Prime Minister Mitchell affirmed that he “never said a word against Grenlec the company.”

“My problem is with WRB, who is the majority shareholder in Grenlec. You the people have shares in Grenlec, so I cannot have shares in Grenlec and condemn Grenlec. My problem is the majority shareholder who does not seem to want to respect the people of this country,” Dr Mitchell said.

In Carriacou this past weekend Dr Mitchell praised Grenlec’s workers as some of the best in the Caribbean, adding that based on the profitability of the company, they should be earning more money than they currently are.

“I want it to be very clear sisters and brothers that I have no problem with Grenlec the company and the workers of Grenlec because they are some of the best workers in the entire Caribbean, sisters and brothers,” said Prime Minister Mitchell.

“Whenever the Caribbean has a problem with electricity, like [after] the recent disasters, they were calling 2 countries to send workers to help them. You know who the 2 countries were? Cuba and Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.”


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