Shine a light on climate change: Earth Hour at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

On Saturday, 24 March 2018, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort and Dodgy Dock Restaurant and Lounge Bar will take part in the global celebration of the efforts to conserve our planet by hosting Earth Hour. From 8:30 pm the resort and restaurant will turn off its lights for 1 hour and guests will be entertained in a candlelit ambiance by the melodic voice of local jazz singer Jenny J and the powerfully rhythmic spoken word poetry performance of Sherry “The Wordy Phoenix” Hamlet.

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort and Dodgy Dock Restaurant and Lounge Bar will use candles and flashlights while they continue to serve their guests during that hour. Inhouse guests will also be asked to participate in this initiative by switching off the lights, air conditioning, computers and other devices in their rooms.

Why switch off the lights? One reason is that Grenada burns fossil fuels to generate electricity. The burning of fossil fuels is a major contributor to the greenhouse gases which are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. Trapped greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causes the rapid rise of the earth’s temperature to dangerous levels that threaten the earth’s existence as we know it. This is known as global warming.

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort encourages Grenadians and guests of the island to participate in this global event by turning off their lights and devices in their homes and communities to shine a light on climate change.

Earth Hour is a worldwide event initiated by the international organisation WWF. For more information about Earth Hour visit:

If you would like to participate in the Earth Hour celebrations at Dodgy Dock on 24 March, or simply treat yourself and loved ones to their mouth-watering Calypso Barbeque dinner, please reserve your table by contacting 443-8783.

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

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