Victoria School for Special Education gets a facelift – thanks to staff at Republic Bank (Gouyave)

Staff Volunteers from Republic Bank (Gouyave)

Armed with paint, paint brushes and the true spirit of volunteerism, staff of Republic Bank (Gouyave) recently donated 2 weekends to giving the Victoria School for Special Education a much-needed facelift.

Accompanied by family members, the group teamed up to help clean and paint the school’s interior. In addition, ceiling fans were installed, and the kitchen refurbished, much to the delight and relief of the staff and students. At present, 47 students are enrolled in the school, with a staff of 7. In 2012, the school was the recipient of a restroom block, made possible under Republic Bank’s Power to Make A Difference Programme.

Refurbished kitchen at the Victoria School for Special Education

The Staff Volunteerism Programme, launched in 2014, is yet another avenue through which the bank seeks to help improve the lives of the citizens it serves. Staff members are given the opportunity to donate their time and talent to worthwhile community causes, and they often express that, after giving back to the community in ways like this, these emotions are experienced:

  • A sense of wellbeing in mind and body
  • They actually feel “happier” than before
  • A feeling that they are connected with people
  • It’s an occasion of fun and personal fulfillment

Republic Bank is pleased to continue to promote the “spirit of voluntarism” in our society and with our efforts of making a positive difference in the lives of the differently able.

Republic Bank

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