39 years of diplomatic relations celebrated in Havana

Gustavo Linares, Ambassador Charles and Maria Caridad Bulaguer

On Saturday, 14 April 2018, the Grenada Embassy in Havana celebrated 39 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Those present included students, Cubans of Grenadian descent, representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, former Ambassador to Grenada, other dignitaries and friends of Grenada.

It was an evening of reflection with those present outlining the contributions of Cuba to Grenada and the friendship and solidarity between our 2 countries throughout the 39 years.

Plaques of appreciation were handed out by Grenada’s Ambassador to Cuba, Her Excellency Claris Charles to Maria Caridad Bulaguer Labrada, former Cuban Ambassador to Grenada and her husband Gustavo Aguinaga Linares, former Consul Officer in recognition of their sterling contribution to our country’s development.

Embassy of Grenada, Havana, Cuba

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