Former UWI lecturer Dunstan Campbell to represent farmers in the Senate

Dr Dunstan Campbell

by Linda Straker

  • Dr Dunstan Campbell of St John will be the farming and fishing communities’ representative
  • Takes over from Keith Clouden who, after 15 years, decided not to continue serving

Dr Dunstan Campbell, a former representative for the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) for Jamaica, Belize and the Bahamas will be the farming and fishing communities’ representative in the Grenada Upper House of Parliament.

A Grenadian by birth from the parish of St John, Campbell was elected on Thursday during a special meeting by representatives of the various organisations representing the sectors. The meeting was facilitated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

“I look forward to serving in that capacity and at the same time organising the farmers and fisherfolk, so they will understand why certain decision are made and how these decisions will work in their best interest,” said Campbell. He is presently a full-time farmer, and his farm is located in Belividere, St John.

“I was elected by the farmers and I will be there to represent all farmers and those in the fishing industry, when I speak in the Parliament it will not be what I think as a person, but what I will be saying will be the collective output of the people I will representing,” said Campbell.

He beat his opponent Michael Church 13 to 9 votes. Church is a former Chief Technical Officer with government and in 2008 served as Minister for Agriculture during the Tillman Thomas administration.

Campbell is presently the President of the Grenada Organic Agriculture Movement. He has a colourful agricultural background which involves serving as the representative for international agencies; lecturing at the University of West Indies and serving as a director on the board of WINFRESH UK.

Campbell takes over from Keith Clouden who, after 15 years, decided not to continue serving.

Campbell is the second of 3 independent senators who will sit in the Upper House. The 13-member House consists of 7 government appointees, 3 in consultation with the Leader of the Opposition, and 3 independents. These 3 represent the labour movement, the agriculture sector and the business community.

The Labour Movement has confirmed that Andre Lewis will be returning for a second term while the Business Community is yet to disclose its representative.

The Opposition is yet to disclose the names of the persons that were nominated to represent them in the Senate. The government has yet to disclose the names of the 3 to complete its 7 senators. Only 4 government senators were named during the swearing-in of government ministers.

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