Interview Preparedness Seminar for young adults and graduates

Not many applicants realise they must prepare for an interview. To meet this need on Saturday 5 and 12 May at the Grenada Community Library, 2 Interview & Resume Preparedness Seminars will be taking place.

Complaints from Human Resource Managers and Business Owners about applicants include: poor attire, arriving late, unable to systematically discuss their accomplishments – whether academic or relevant work experiences, inconsistencies in their resume and overall poor communication skills. The Interview & Resume Preparedness Seminar facilitated by educator and trainer Roslyn A Douglas, MA seeks to address these issues and more.

“Within the first 90 seconds, interviewees are being judged for confidence, attire and how they introduce themselves. After that first impression, the applicant must convince the interviewer that they are the best person for the job. My seminars will teach young adults how to do that, as well as how to put together an honest resume.”

Douglas also has advice for parents and organisers of extracurricular activities. She said whereas it is important to encourage academic excellence, parents should allow their child to participate in extracurricular activities or community service organisations. “Academic success is important. However, allowing your child to be a part of groups such as Young Leaders, JCI-Grenada, Leo Clubs, Choir, Cadets, Drum Corps, Girl Guides and Community Sports Teams helps the youth to learn discipline; get exercise; meet like-minded people, and provide an outlet for their creativity to shine. Having said that, those responsible for leading all groups need to ensure that they are keeping things interesting for the students. I have met many students who said the reason they dropped out is simply because it was not organised, or they really were not doing or learning anything.”

So far principals of Happy Hill Secondary School, St Patrick’s Anglican Secondary School, Anglican High School, and St Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS) and have agreed to post information about the Seminar in their schools. This initial response has been very encouraging to Douglas as it demonstrates a likemindedness to assist young adults in this area.

The Interview & Resume Preparedness Seminars will be taking place at Grenada Community Library, formerly known as Mt Zion Library. It is housed in the historic Peniel House building, located at 7 Lucas Street, opposite the Law Office of Henry, Henry & Bristol. The 2 sessions offered in May – Saturday 5 and 12 respectively. Douglas says pre-registration is mandatory. Interested students and especially parents who wish to assist their child can contact 473-538-7789, email or go online to pre-register at

Roslyn A Douglas

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