Longest serving employee retires from Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel

Left to right: Elsa Burris (Housekeeping); Anetta Brizan; Leo Garbutt (owner)

Anetta Brizan, affectionately known to all as “Ms Annie” has just retired from Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel in her 50th year of service to the establishment.

She was the longest-serving member of staff at Calabash and has been with the hotel since 1968, prior to the Garbutts’ ownership since 1987. She started off as a seamstress and then worked her way into the kitchen where she stayed for 15 years. Most recently, she served as a strong multi-tasker involved in the Housekeeping department in breakfast preparation, room preparation, as well as laundry services. She was often requested by repeat guests with whom she built strong relationships over the years. Outside of her work duties, Ms Annie was also the in-house nurse, as whenever employees fell ill, they would turn to her for advice on the best remedies. She is like a second mother to many and showed great care in her work, as well as towards her colleagues and of course, the guests. Outside of Calabash, Ms Annie is heavily involved in her community where she is always feeding and taking care of the people around her. She is also very involved in church where she plays an instrumental role in the Women’s League and also sings in the choir.

Ms Annie is a true example of loyalty and commitment to Calabash, and the team feels very proud to have had her for so many years.

Calabash Hotel

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