Mont Tout home destroyed by fire

Remains of the house once occupied by Ignatius Cadoo of Mont Tout

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

  • Sunday night fire at Mont Tout leaves man homeless
  • Officials from Grand Anse constituency office visited the area

Sunday night’s fire which engulfed the home of Mont Tout resident Ignatius Cadoo around 8 pm, has left him homeless.

Unable to speak with Mr Cadoo, NOW Grenada interviewed his sister Jane, with whom Cadoo was temporarily residing in a separate home on the property, prior to the fire.

Cadoo said she was not there at the time of the fire but was alerted by neighbours and rushed to the scene. “I have no knowledge of what happened but was told that my brother’s house was on fire. Because of the fire, I am now without electricity because the fire burned my metre and the trampoline I had in front my home to prevent rain from wetting my verandah. I am not working anywhere. My brother and I need some assistance.”

The fire also partially damaged a nearby house. NOW Grenada understands that an SGU student had to vacate the building because of the intense heat which destroyed the building’s AC unit.

Officials from the Grand Anse constituency office visited the area this morning with a view to providing assistance.

The police are currently investigating the cause of the fire.

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