Republic Bank supports Carriacou Maroon Festival

Staff of Republic Bank Carriacou presents cheque to Carriacou Maroon Committee members

Carriacou will soon be transformed into a cultural village, as the annual Maroon Festival gets underway 27-29 April. The event merges Maroon festivities with traditional string band music and dance, to showcase the unique customs and traditions of our African Ancestors.

“Smoked” food, Big Drum Dance, string band music, and other cultural performances can be expected, fused with more modern cultural pieces from local and regional participants. Once more, Republic Bank pledges its commitment to the continued preservation of these traditions, with a contribution of $5,000 to the organising committee. As a financial institution deeply rooted in the culture of our people, we remain committed to the maintenance of the values and norms displayed through this aspect of our heritage.

We commend the organisers for their on-going efforts in keeping the maroon festival alive, which also serves as an important economic booster for the sister isle. We encourage all to experience this unique event – a packed itinerary awaits you! For more information on the festival, please visit:

Republic Bank

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