SAASS Young Leaders: What’s your virtue?

SAASS Young Leaders in session

Change can be defined as the act or instance of making or becoming different. In a society plagued with many ills, issues and heinous acts, there is always a constant call for change. Many voices have been raised clamouring for stringent laws, stiffer penalties, different representation, a modern education system – a Changed society.

While these efforts are all laudable, the SAASS Young Leaders believe that if WE are to realise “change” WE need to be more than just advocates. WE must be Agents. As agents WE must refocus the lens of our camera. WE must become reflective, introspective and proactive. Instead of zooming in on others, WE must look at ourselves. WE must assess our actions and inactions, watch our thoughts and our words. WE must beg these questions: “AM I THE CHANGE I wish to see in my family, among my friends, among my colleagues? AM I THE CHANGE I long to see at my place of worship, at my workplace, at my school?

AM I THE CHANGE I desire in my community, in my country, in the world? We must be mindful that CHANGE starts with the individual. It starts with Me! CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU! You can be the change if you adopt any core virtue: responsibility, determination, loyalty, integrity, kindness, reliability, honesty, generosity, commitment, faithfulness, and affirm everyday that I AM (virtue)! By doing so, you will create a ripple effect. From that one virtue many others will blossom.

Join us, the SAASS Young Leaders on our “I AM Campaign” as we seek to lead change in our community.

I AM campaign buttons

General theme: I am WE, Leading change in the community

SAASS theme: Empowering to effect change

Mission: To create change within ourselves thus empowering others to do the same.


  • I AM… Campaign
  • Book drive to furnish a community library

Persons willing to donate to the book drive can contact the school at 1(473) 442-7542

SAASS Young Leaders 2018

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