SGU student body makes single largest donation to MOH

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

  • Global Surgery donates US$400,000 (EC$1,081,020) worth of medical supplies
  • SGU student group Global Surgery collaborated with Project CURE

The St George’s University (SGU) student group Global Surgery made history on Monday, 23 April 2018 with the single largest donation to the Ministry of Health by any organisation, donating approximately US$400,000 (EC$1,081,020) worth of medical supplies.

Medical supplies donated to the Ministry of Health

This unprecedented donation will support the transformation of healthcare in Grenada said Pauline Peters, Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Health, as she reassured the students that these medical supplies would be put to good use. “The Ministry will be letting you know how we are going to be using these items, where they are going to be placed so you can make periodic checks ever so often to ensure that the equipment is being put to good use.”

The SGU student group Global Surgery collaborated with Project Cure for nearly 2 years to be finally able to ship a 40-foot container to Grenada filled with much needed medical supplies.

Past President of the SGU student group “Global Surgery”, Dr Joshua Carlson was very instrumental in mobilising the student group to undertake such a task and together with student body’s current President Amanda Hughes, the group was able to raise approximately US$20,000 towards covering the cost of shipment, logistics, and administrative cost involved in getting the medical supplies to Grenada.

Dr Carlson says his desire to serve people and to give back to Grenada has led to this donation. “My career started in the country of Grenada opening its doors to us, and we thank SGU for this opportunity so that in return we can give back to Grenada. This project started with an email to Project CURE asking for medical supplies, and with this, we were able to assist people who are struggling and suffering from medical ailments in Grenada.”

Professor and Chair, Department of Educational Services Dr Glen Jacobs on behalf of the St George’s University thanked Global Surgery for their commitment to raising the standard of healthcare on the island. “We would have never been able to do this without leadership and enthusiasm and the commitment of the students around us…people in life takes a lot but when you give back that’s so much nicer, and we all appreciate you guys giving back.”

Founded in 1987, Project CURE (Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment) has been an industry leader in providing donated medical supplies and equipment to resource-limited communities around the world.

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