Grenada Trade Centre donates energy saving devices to NaDMA

Presentation made to NaDMA’s Administrative Assistant Valarie Phillip.

The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) was the recipient of energy savings devices by the Grenada Trade Centre. The donation took the format of a 45-minute presentation on the proper use of the devices, giving staff an opportunity to learn some energy conservation tips.

Managing Director of the Grenada Trade Centre Martin Bedeau said the exercise is part of the Energy Trade Show currently held at the Grenada Trade Centre. “The purpose behind this is to ensure that NaDMA is familiarised with more of the products that we have in Grenada where solar is concerned. Because the whole aim and intention is that NaDMA could work and show the public that after any form of disaster how to utilise energy and how to conserve energy,” Bedeau said.

Devices donated include several types of energy saving lights, bulbs and a compact solar powered radio system. The presentation was made to NaDMA’s Administrative Assistant Valarie Phillip.

Items donated to NaDMA

Phillip upon receiving the donation expressed the agency’s appreciation for the timely donation, emphasising the difference these devices will make in our preparation for the upcoming hurricane season.

For additional information, please contact  Oslyn Crosby Public Relations Officer, NaDMA on 440-8390/440-0838,or533-0766 email: / . 

NaDMA, the official source for all disaster related information in Grenada. 

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