Guardian General Insurance (OECS) Team ‘Pumps it Up’ with Co-op Bank!

Guardian General Insurance ‘Pump it Up’ team with Ronald Hughes, Managing Director

This year Grenada Co-operative Bank Ltd saw yet another increase in the number of participants at their ‘Pump It Up’, health walk, now an integral part of the country’s annual calendar. In total over 5,000 individuals participated in the 2018 event, held Sunday, 22 April.

Guardian General Insurance (OECS) Ltd, one of the benefactors of the Carlton Home trust fund, which has contributed to Pump It Up, has been encouraging their team to get involved on an individual level by registering for the walk. This year saw their best turn out to date with 10 members of the staff joining each other for fun and camaraderie on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Ronald Hughes, Managing Director, also present at the starting field stated: Our team has been in full support of the company’s involvement with the initiative for the Carlton Home, ever since we embarked upon our partnership with Co-op Bank, alongside Jonas Browne & Hubbard & FLOW Grenada Ltd, and recently Antillean Life. Knowing that they would be making a personal contribution by registering for the walk was an added incentive, and I’m very happy to see them here today,” he concluded.

Guardian General Insurance ‘Pump it Up’ team

Co-op Bank readily acknowledges the invaluable support given by a number of local companies and groups of work colleagues who join the walk of their own initiative. Each and every person who registers and joins the walk makes an invaluable contribution to the success of Pump It Up, and by extension the Carlton Home project. With the bank pledging an additional donation of $1 per mile for each registered participant, the support of corporate Grenada can, and does, play a significant part in the events continued success.

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