Keville Frederick participates in US Government-sponsored Information Sharing Programme

Keville Frederick

Keville Frederick, technical director/communications officer in the Ministry of Health, Social Security, and International Business in Grenada, is currently in the United States participating in an Information Sharing Programme (ISP) called the “Mosquito Talk Project,” which is organised by the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs. He is taking part in this 2-week project from 6-19 May.

Frederick, who has been employed by the Ministry of Health for the past 14 years, works mainly with the Health Promotions department. In his role, he monitors and helps with the management and creation of Programmes geared towards the implementation of the ministry’s policies and engages in brand management and general health promotion. He has successfully led the implementation of several public health campaigns, most recently Zika, and played the lead role in the development and preparation of Grenada’s National Zika Public Health Response plans and strategies.

This ISP is designed to build a broad international network of communicators to raise public awareness and drive innovative and locally appropriate solutions to fight mosquitos that carry Zika and other diseases. This Washington-funded programme aims to support programme participants in building effective public engagement strategies that encourage individuals to take action in their own lives and residences to protect against mosquito-borne illness. The programme will preview new vector-control technologies and innovations developed by US companies and organisations.

The ISP will include site visits, tours, presentations, and discussions with health communicators and public health/vector-control experts. It begins in Atlanta, Georgia, on 6 May, and includes travel to Boulder, Colorado and surrounding areas, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and surrounding areas, ending in Washington, DC on 19 May.

Programme participants will also become active members of the Mosquito Talk Communication Network, providing the bulk of the critical mass of users to create ultimately a self-sustained, social media platform that will allow for sharing and translating of new information, data, lessons learned, and best practices for the prevention of and response to mosquito-borne diseases like Zika.

US Embassy, Grenada

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