Labour Minister: Ministerial salary review worth pursuing

Peter David
Peter David

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

  • The last time a minister of government had an increase was in 1999 
  • Ministerial salaries in Grenada are among the lowest in the region

Ministerial salaries have remained unchanged for the last 20 years says Hon Peter David, new Minister for Labour. The last time a minister of government had an increase was in 1999. Speaking at Wednesday’s post-cabinet briefing, Minister David told journalists that a review of ministers’ salaries is long overdue.

At present, ministers of government receive between $5,000 – $6,000 per month, along with MPs stipend of $1,200.

Minister David said ministerial salaries in Grenada are among the lowest in the region and due to the demanding nature of the job this issue must be addressed urgently.

“The MPs’ stipend has not reviewed for many years. It is something that the Prime Minister has indicated that along with ministerial salaries which as you well aware are among the lowest in the region, will be reviewed. No decision has been taken as to what the outcome will be, but it is something worth reviewing.”

Meanwhile, the government is prepared to review the Labour Code to review the minimum wage across various sectors. In the coming weeks, a wage advisory board will be set up to undertake such a task.

The labour minister said the board would advise the government on the issue of wages. “As you are well aware there is no single minimum wage, it is done sectorally, and we are looking at some of the areas which are the ones that we will look at. We have advised cabinet that we are in the process of setting up the wages advisory board in the next coming weeks. We are all in agreement that having sacrificed over the last 5 years during the structural adjustment programme; this is something that must be looked at.”

The establishment of the wages advisory board was spawned from meetings with the Grenada Trade Union Council and the Grenada Employers Federation.

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One thought on “Labour Minister: Ministerial salary review worth pursuing

  1. Donna Lusan

    I am Happy of the ministry… public workers must to work of 26 and 2/3 years before they receive no pension from serve two terms and pension is given. They received consistency allowance that no one knows how it is spent. Public workers salaries are the lowest in the region too. The minimum wage needs to revisited Mr. Ministry. The pension memorandum of understanding your government singed before elections needs to be settled first. Or you forget the working class as call us. Come to table when you ready to talk these issues and I will listen to u.

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