Video: Mother humiliated on social media speaks out

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

  • 3 weeks ago, 16-year-old of Coals Gap St David, mysteriously went missing
  • Teen took to social media saying she was not missing, but was thrown out by her mother
  • Mother humiliated and tried in the public court of opinion

Nearly 3 weeks ago the mother of 16-year-old Ivorna Angel Mitchell of Coals Gap St David, was worried after her daughter mysteriously went missing on Thursday, 26 April 2018. After her daughter publicly humiliated her on social media, Hermione Mitchell said she feels a sense of betrayal.

Following her missing person’s report, the 16-year-old student took to social media saying she was not missing but was thrown out by her mother.

One of her social media posts the 16-year-old wrote, “[People] I’m not missing …my mother is one wicked woman after she put me out u have the heart to say I’m missing all I ever wanted was a motherly love [what] [you] giving [nothing]…well continue the gates of hell is open …and to all the [people] that saying I go [an] stay by man good luck say wat [all you] want …mom no matter what I will always love [you] [You] want to know [you] cause if it wasn’t for [you] I would not be in this world to prove [all you] wrong…”

Mitchell says added to her public humiliation was the fact that people unknowing of what transpired between her and her daughter prior to her going missing, quickly tried her in the public court of opinion without knowing the facts. She was even more disappointed and accused a popular social media news site of tarnishing her name.

“I just want to clear the air on some of the comments that were made about me on Mickey live which was not true especially by my own daughter and sister who I haven’t spoken to in 3 years…I have loved all my kids and if I haven’t shown my daughter love for 16 years or even any one of my kids would they still be here with me and some of you parents who made all of these bashful statements am sorry for you all as parents and to you Mikey I am very disappointed in you.”

Mitchell said her daughter is no longer residing at home; she resides at her grandmother.

She said since then their relationship has been severely affected but despite what transpired she will forever love her daughter. “To you Ivorna you know that I have been there for you for the last 16 years, and I will always love you. You know that we have had our falling out and by the end of the night we were best of friends so I’m not allowing you to do your own thing doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

The mother also defended her right to discipline her daughter after being publicly ridiculed. “Everybody in my community knows what I have gone through to take care of my children and if trying to discipline my daughter is not loving her, then I don’t know what is love.”

NOW Grenada reached out to Mikey Hutchinson, operator of Mickey Live, informing him of the concerns expressed by Mitchell. Hutchinson issued the following statement.

“Hermione Mitchell doesn’t know the source of my information. I also have no control over how people react towards her, but she has a right to her own feelings, and I expect no different, given the scenario she is/was facing. No parent would like to be called out by their own daughter in the manner as was done. It was not my intention to offend, however, we must not lose sight of the real issue at hand: the child who has publicly admitted to attempting suicide over what she and others describe as ill-treatment from her birth mother.”

The statement concluded: “I hope that both parties can find it in themselves to spare no effort to restore the relationship that a mother and daughter is meant to enjoy.”

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