Frontline nursing and medical staff gains self-defence exposure

Frontline healthcare providers in Grenada are for the first time being exposed to training in managing and defusing potentially violent situation and aggressive patients in the workplace.

Following a number of unfortunate incidents involving patients who for the most part were mentally unstable, the Ministry of Health has taken the initiative to better equip staff with skills in managing and avoiding possible injurious situations.

The programme of managing such situations is one in a series of measures and activities being undertaken within all health facilities to improve service delivery and ensure a safe and secure environment for staff and patients.

Nester Edwards, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) in the Ministry of Health, shared with the Government Information Service (GIS), the objectives of the training programme and the categories of staff that are expected to benefit.

“Approximately 71 persons are expected to be trained, and the programme will include modules such as off-balancing and defence tactics,” CNO Edwards explained.

The top Grenadian nursing official, who also heads the Regional Nursing Body (RNB), told the GIS that healthcare workers attached to all health facilities are being given the opportunity to participate in the programme.

The ministry’s officials are hopeful that this new initiative would discourage and ultimately reduce the levels of fear and attacks on staff, who play a critical role in the preservation of life and restoration of health of our citizens.

The training programme which began on 4 June this year, was in direct response to suggestions raised by staff as they are committed to continue to providing care despite the challenges faced in the workplace. Sensei Ryan Lewis, of Purple Dragon International is facilitating the programme.


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