Grenada Invitational LOC chairman removed pending outcome of physical abuse charges

Dexter Mitchell

by Linda Straker

  • LOC chairman relieved of duties because of a pending court matter centred around physical abuse
  • Karline Purcell has assumed responsibility as acting chair

The Management Committee of the annual Grenada Invitational Track and Field Meet has removed Dexter Mitchell – the chairman of the Local Organising Committee of his duties because of a pending court matter centred around physical abuse.

“The Grenada Invitational Inc has noted the recent developments involving the chairman of the Local Organising Committee (LOC), Mr Dexter Mitchell. While this is a personal matter and we believe in due process and clearly don’t want to cast judgment at this point, the Management Committee has decided that it would be in the best interest of the Grenada Invitational, and by extension Grenada, that Mr Mitchell does not continue to serve as Chair of the LOC at this time,” said a news release from the Management.

Disclosing that with immediate effect, Mr Mitchell has been relieved from the post as Chairman, the statement issued on the official letterhead of the Grenada Invitational and signed by Chairman Michael Bascombe said that Ms Karline Purcell who according to court records is one of the Directors of the Company has assumed responsibility as acting Chair, temporarily.

Besides being one of the legal directors of the Grenada Invitational Inc Mitchell served as the Chairman for the volunteer local organising committee.

On Tuesday,12 June Mitchell was placed on EC$15,000 bail with 2 sureties after he appeared in court for allegedly engaging in physical abusive acts against an adult female on 21 May 2018.

Mitchell is facing a total of 5 charges – 2 for assault, 2 for obscene language and 1 for unlawful entry. The abusive incident which involves spitting in the face of the female is being investigated as a domestic violence matter in accordance with Domestic Violence Act and if found guilty he can receive penalties that will involve both jail and fines.

According to the Prosecution Department, the maximum fine for assault and obscene language is EC$1,000 and or 3 months imprisonment per charge while for unlawful entry there is no fine but jail term. There is no fine for unlawful entry according to the law but jail time only.

“The law said that anyone who enters a place unlawful with the intention to commit a crime can be sentenced to no more than two years if it’s a summary offence and no more than five years if it’s an indictable offence,” said an official from the Prosecution Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force.

Mitchell who is a well-known promoter and talent agent who once served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Grenada Cultural Foundation and as head of the management team of the Grenada Carnival Committee is facing summary charges. He will return to court on 6 September 2018 according to court records.

The Grenada Invitational is a new annual track and field competition held at the Kirani James Athletic Stadium in St George’s, Grenada as part of the NACAC Outdoor Area Permit Meet Series. It is spearheaded by the private company Grenada Invitational Inc, and since it was first held in 2017, top regional and international athletes have competed in the meet. The Government of Grenada has provided significant financial support to the meet, and it is described as a private-public partnership.

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