Video: Flow Grenada cautions the public against vandalism

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

  • Flow promotional signage defaced with explicit graffiti
  • Criminal Code provides for imprisonment for intentionally and unlawfully causing damage

Two weeks after Flow Grenada Ltd erected promotional signage for its Flow Sports App at the Tanteen bus stop, the promotional material has been defaced with explicit graffiti.

The telecommunications company has already begun work to remove the defaced promotional campaign material but says this has become a trend nationwide.

Flow’s Marketing and Communications Executive Dawson Lewis says the cost implication for the company to repair such damage is cause for concern. “When an individual sees one of our physical signs, that is the end product of a much larger process. There is obviously the intellectual process, so before I can get into dollars, we must take into account the investment of time. In the case of the Tanteen bus stop which was defaced recently, it will cost the company between $4,000 – $5,000 per bus stop, which is just for printing and installation.”

Lewis pleads with the public to refrain from defacing their signs. “The branding that would have been there previously, was there for some time and we want to continue to keep our branding looking good as well as the surrounding area, so it was very disheartening at first to see the defaced sign because we literally just repaired the bus stop. In this case, our cost doubles because we are now forced to redo it.”

People are reminded that under Grenada’s Criminal Code section 94, “Whoever intentionally and unlawfully causes damage exceeding twenty-four dollars to any land or to any animal or thing in any case not specially provided for in this title shall be liable to imprisonment for six months.”

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