First batch of pension payment to total EC$7.2 million

by Linda Straker

  • First batch to benefit from Government Pension Reform Programme end of July
  • Collective payout of EC$7.2 million

The first batch of persons to benefit from the Government Pension Reform Programme will be receiving a collective payout of EC$7.2 million as of the end of July 2018.

Minister Norland Cox disclosed the news at the post cabinet briefing on Tuesday. He explained that the first batch will be 56 persons who are qualified based on the positions they would have served while working with government from 1983 to 1985.

“This is only for persons who are eligible based on the position they served,” said Cox who explained that there are some persons who worked in the service during the period, but the positions were not pensionable.

Government has established a Pension Secretariat where persons who worked with government can register to confirm that they are qualified for pension payment.

Recently a news release from the Ministry of Finance said that all persons who commenced employment within the Public Service on or after 4 April 1983, have since retired and are not receiving any retirement benefits from the Government of Grenada, are invited to register and submit all the required information. Information can also be submitted on behalf of former employees who are incapacitated, or those who have since died.

Registration forms were to be collected at several locations and persons were encouraged to make a special effort to submit their information by or before 10 May 2018.

In 1983, the People’s Revolutionary Government approved legislation to establish the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) and which at the same time provided for the scheme to provide public officers with a pension upon retirement, instead of government.

However, pension for public officers is a constitutional right and a few years ago a retired public officer took the matter to court. The court eventually ruled in her favour but also ordered the money she received from the NIS be returned.

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2 thoughts on “First batch of pension payment to total EC$7.2 million

  1. Justin Courtney

    Interesting piece of reading but could be misleading since it can be interpreted that government is duty bound to pay all workers who are in a pensionable position. Probably some pertinent facts have been omitted from this article please a clarification at your earliest convenience.

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