Netherlands Sober Up Zone 2018

Now in its 4th year since being implemented in 2015, the Netherlands Sober Up Zone initiative has become a welcome and much anticipated addition to carnival and performing arts events in Grenada.

The Netherlands Sober Up Zone which can be found at a number of major events throughout the year, promotes road safety by providing a designated area at select events where mainly motorist patrons can refresh themselves and ‘sober up’ before driving on the public roads.

This year, Grenada Bottling Company Limited, manufacturers of Coca Cola and agent for Dasani water will partner with Netherlands Insurance and historic sponsor Bryden & Minors, agent for Nescafe, to bring the initiative to a number of concerts and pre-carnival shows for 2018.

Nekoyan Bain, Marketing Coordinator for Grenada Bottling noted, “We have seen the value and benefits of the Sober Up Zone initiative as it promotes road safety for drivers and pedestrians alike. As a company, we are honoured to play an active role by joining this campaign and getting patrons ‘road worthy’ after their night’s revelry.”

Sober Up Zones will be found at many major pre-carnival events such as Mega Force Promotions’ 10 to 10 Fete, C4 Promotions’ House Party, PreeDay, Waggy T’s All-Inclusive Fete and The Biggest White Fete.

Patrons are encouraged to look for the Netherlands Sober Up Zones at events before departing the venue where they will be invited to take a voluntary breathalyser test and if found over the driving limit, will be invited to have bottled water, coffee, light refreshment and rest in the Sober Lounge. Netherlands Insurance and partners Bryden & Minors and Grenada Bottling Company Limited remind the public to exercise road safety whilst enjoying the festivities of this season: Do not drink and drive; appoint a designated driver and plan alternative ways to get home in the event you have too much to drink.

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