Prensnelo: In love with Grenada

Prensnelo in St Mark. Photo: Wayne Williams

The artist Prensnelo (Jean Renel Pierre Louis) arrived in Grenada 4 years ago, fell in love with Grenada and has never looked back.

He regularly hosts one-on-one and group Amical (meaning friendship) workshops in Grenada and on Carriacou, and is passionate about working with people who love art and who want to creatively express themselves. “Before I start with a student, I find out what their interest is, who their favourite artist is, so I can guide them and keep a good vibe. Not everyone may turn out to be an artist, but everyone has an artist in them.”

These workshops are generally held at the Grenada National Museum on Young Street, an easy to access location with its own historic charm and inspiration for creating work capturing old Grenada.

His workshops with the Queen Elizabeth Home for Children (2016 Amical Art Camp) and at Her Majesty’s Prisons, Grenada (UNESCO Empowerment for the Disadvantaged 2015) testify to his passion to reach out to various sectors of the community through art.

His current work is essentially abstract, but Prensnelo is well versed in creating realistic landscapes, portraits and still life, and with Grenada’s lush environment as inspiration, he has a lot of material to work with.

In the last 4 years, he has held two solo shows and has participated in several group exhibitions in Grenada. Apart from several art residencies abroad, Prensnelo’s work has been exhibited in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, United States, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, England, China, France, South Korea and Trinidad.

From 30 July – 22 August, Prensnelo will be part of Terrarium, a special art exhibition at the museum, featuring Gordon de la Mothe, Angelica Chandler and Doliver Morain, and will have presentations on his work every Thursday.

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