Public Workers Union welcomes regularisation of GRENCASE nurses

General Hospital, St George’s, Grenada

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

  • 80 nurses and nursing assistants regularised through GRENCASE Caregivers Programme
  • PWU to call a general meeting to hear the concerns of nurses

80 nurses and nursing assistants have been regularised as part of the Grenada Citizen Advice and Small Business Agency (GRENCASE) Caregivers Programme. The Public Workers Union (PWU) has welcomed this move by the government, but at the same time believes there are a significant number of nurses in the system whose employment status is yet to be regularised.

Public Relations Officer of PWU Brian Grimes said along with an increase in salary, the nurses have also received full-time subsistence and uniform allowance. However, he said other nurses are still unaware of their employment status.

“A number of nurses at the GRENCASE agency were given the opportunity to work full time rather than the 3 days a week that they were doing, so that will assist the other nurses outside of the GRENCASE agency in terms of staffing. So, we would like to congratulate the government on that move, also for significantly increasing their salary and giving them benefits such as subsistence and uniform allowance; but in doing so there are a number of nurses that are being alienated and the numbers are even greater, so we are clamouring to ensure that equity takes place.”

The union is expected to call a general meeting soon to hear the concerns of nurses.

“Very soon the PWU call a meeting with the general body of nurses to ensure that this situation is remedied. We want to get feedback from them as to the issues that they have with a view of finding ways to solve this problem.”

Regarding the issue of pension, Grimes said negotiations are still ongoing between the pension secretariat and trade union bodies involved. He asked that people who are eligible to receive a government pension to start getting their documentation in order while negotiations continue. “I will like to encourage all pensioners to gather their paperwork and submit it to the Public Workers Union headquarters or the pension secretariat. Do not wait until an agreement has been signed to get that done because that will cause you to be further disenfranchised.”

GRENCASE is a non-government, non-profit organisation that seeks to address the unemployment situation in Grenada by providing a number of skills training in various technical and vocational fields. The agency also provides assistance in business development, employment opportunities, children programmes and personal development.

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