RFP: Education Coordinator – Forestry Department


Education Coordinator – Forestry Department


Contract Type: Individual Contract (IC)
Duty Station: Grenada
Beneficiary Country: Grenada
Contract Duration: Five months
Contracting Authority: Ridge to Reef Project (UNDP)
Start Date: August 2018


Background – Ridge to Reef Project 

The Ridge to Reef will provide multiple global and local benefits by strengthening land, forest and reef management processes (eco-systems functions) and biodiversity conservation on all terrestrial landscapes and marine and seascapes in Grenada, especially within and around marine and terrestrial protected areas. This will be achieved through a multi-focal strategy having a “Ridge to Reef” approach that increases protected areas’ management effectiveness and applies targeted land management practices to include: (i) Development of a policy-based legal, planning and institutional /regulatory framework in support of a sustainably managed network of Terrestrial Protected Areas (TPAs) and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs); (ii) Development and management of landscapes and seascapes by adopting the approach of integrating SLM and SFM/REDD+ principles and practices as a matter of public policy (integrated approach for managing forest ecosystems, protection and sustainable use of the biodiversity, prevention of land/sea degradation, and integration of peoples livelihood objectives within the management of forest and marine eco-systems.); (iii) By piloting SFM/REDD+ and SLM practices in the Annandale/ Beausejour watershed to improve Carbon stocks, reducing deforestation, reducing susceptibility to drought (and forest fires) and consequent land degradation that would impact downstream landscapes and seascapes.


Overall Objectives:

The objectives of the assignment are to:

    • Develop teaching, learning materials for
      1. Conservation
      2. Awareness of the Protected Areas and Watersheds
      3. The Grenadian Dove
    • Development and production of at least 3 Public Service Announcements for both radio and television.
    • Development and production of at least 3 releases for newspapers.
    • Development of at least 2 billboards


The Education Coordinator will report directly to the Chief Forestry Officer and work collaboratively with the Forestry Department staff and the Ridge to Reef Project Team.

The specific tasks of the Coordinator entails:

  1. Identify relevant research literature and web sites in the area of Forestry.
  2. Identify areas for training, awareness and resources.
  3. Identify gaps in terms of resources and further aspects for training
  4. Facilitate workshops
  5. Develop study guides for teachers and students as tools for understanding elements of conservation, awareness of the importance of protected areas such as the watershed, mangrove etc.
  6. Share and improve pedagogic skills by learning and doing in the process of developing the learning materials and tools.
  7. Closely collaborate with other key stakeholders
  8. Organize and make the appropriate presentations to schools, community groups, NGO, other government departments, churches etc. in collaboration with the Forestry Department.


  1. Submit a draft teaching learning programme/tools.
  2. Schedule and organize participants to workshops
  3. Facilitate workshops, evaluate and record inputs from participants
  4. Revisit the information imparted, incorporate input from past sessions/workshops and
  5. Finalize teaching learning tools in soft and hard copies.


The Coordinator will work during the period August to December 2018.



The successful candidate should meet the below requirements.

Academic Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Education and/or Natural Science
Experience: 3 years of professional experience

Demonstrated experience working and consulting with governments, students and local communities

Competencies: Ability to work well with others

Strong problem solving skills

Excellent verbal and writing communication skills in English

Ability to produce clear and concise reports and documentation

Interested persons should submit CV and financial proposal to joseph.noel@undp.org by 23 July 2018.

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