RFP: Ridge to Reef – Protected Area Sign Manual


Protected Area Sign Manual


Project Title: Implementing a “Ridge to Reef” Approach to Protecting Biodiversity and Ecosystem functions within and around Protected Areas in Grenada
Contract period: 2 August 2018 to 30 October 2018
Contract days: approx. 35 days
Contract Type: UNDP Individual Contract
Location: Grenada
Implementing Partner: Ministry of Climate Resilience, the Environment, Forestry, Fisheries, Disaster Management & Information
Contracting Authority: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


The Grenada “Ridge to Reef Project” is designed to support Grenada’s compliance with a number of agreed-upon international environmental management and conservation strategies, policies and plans with the technical and financial assistance from the Global Environmental Facility (GEF). The Project intervention is essentially a complement to the Government of Grenada’s efforts, on the local level, to fulfil its obligations to various United Nations Convention and Protocols with respect to biodiversity and eco-systems functions/services by applying program/based delivery systems; with co-management initiatives that will accommodate the involvement of local area communities in a direct way.

The project will improve the sustainability of protected area systems and address general biodiversity, climate change and sustainable land and forest management issues throughout the country.

Part of the Project includes the demarcation, by signage, of the boundaries of existing and proposed marine and terrestrial protected areas. In an effort to ensure consistency and establish branding, the Project wishes to have a sign manual prepared.



Specific objective

In association with the Project Coordinating Unit (PCU), the Department of Forestry and National Parks and the Fisheries Division, this consultancy intends to achieve:

  • the preparation of a sign manual to guide signage for all marine and terrestrial protected areas

The Consultant will produce a sign manual to industry standards.

Key tasks and activities

The specific tasks to be undertaken by the Consultant include:

Task 1: Review Existing Standards and Prepare and Submit Findings Report

Contact the Department of Forestry and National Parks, the Fisheries Division, the Physical Planning Unit and the Ministry of Tourism to review any existing standards for protected areas in Grenada as well as the BC Parks (Canada) Sign Manual (to be provided by the PCU). Based on the review, prepare and submit a report to the PCU on findings and recommend a branding theme for Grenada’s marine and terrestrial protected areas and identify all types of signs that the sign manual will address.

Task 2: Prepare a draft sign manual based on direction given by the PCU on the Findings report and submit to PSC for approval.

The manual must address all types of signage for the marine and terrestrial protected area system as well as specifications for sign design (size, lettering, symbolization, and colour), manufacture (materials) and installation. The manual will be presented in a three-ring binder and include drawings and specifications in keeping with industry standards.

Task 3: Finalize Sign Manual

Based on direction from PCU, finalize sign manual and submit to PSC for approval.



The Consultant will report directly to the Project Coordinating Unit.


The reporting language for this consultancy is English. All outputs, contributions, documents, literature and data sources are to be produced and submitted in Word electronic form. Printing/hard copies should be produced only if unavoidable.


Expected start date: 2 August 2018
Total time: 35 days


The Consultant will operate from their usual base, and undertake field work as needed.


Administration and all other costs incurred by the Consultant as part of this contract are to be included within the Financial Proposal. The Consultant is expected to have the appropriate software, equipment, facilities or access to such as relevant to complete the required services.

The contract price is a fixed output-based price regardless of extension of the herein specific duration. The Financial Proposal will include all fees and costs associated with the execution of the contract, including professional fees, travel, equipment and all other expenses that will be incurred during the execution of the work.

Payment will be remitted subject to the approval of final deliverables by the Project Steering Committee and UNDP, and based on the contractor’s price proposal. Expected deadlines and proposed payment allocations are as follows:

Deliverables Expected deadline Percentage payment
Task 1: Findings Report 21 days after contract signing 25%
Task 2: Draft Sign Manual 60 days after contract signing 60%
Task 3: Final Sign Manual  80 days after contract signing 15%



The successful candidate should meet the below requirements, supplying evidence supporting each.

Academic qualifications University degree in protected area management, landscape architecture or other closely related field of study.
Experience 5 years of professional experience in protected area planning, site design or landscape architecture

Projects undertaking similar assignments is required, with description of work and specific role.

Demonstrated experience working with governments and communities

Competencies Timely delivery of high quality analytical work.

Strong problem solving skills.

Ability to work largely independent along set instructions (briefings) and specified time schedules towards expected outputs;

Ability to work, and coordinate work efficiently within a team of experts and stakeholders with partially overlapping areas and to contribute to joint output.

Ability to produce clear and concise reports and documentation.

Ability to make use of IT and reporting software to locate, compile and analyse literature related to the expected outputs;

Excellent verbal and writing communication skills in English.


Interested persons should submit CV and financial proposal to joseph.noel@undp.org by 16 July 2018.

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