Soubise Chinese-constructed housing scheme faces a triple threat plague

Sewerage system backup at Chinese housing scheme in Soubise

by Curlan Campbell

  • Soubise Chinese-constructed housing scheme plagued by smell from uncovered sewer tank
  • Nawasa apparently awaiting pump ordered 6 months ago

Residents of the Soubise Chinese-constructed housing scheme are calling on the authorities to address the foul smell coming from a sewer tank that has been left uncovered for months.

Uncovered sewer tank at the Chinese housing scheme in Soubise

The community faces a triple threat plague – flies and mosquitoes attracted to the sewer tank, and the smell from the sargassum seaweed augmented by sewage from the housing scheme flowing into the sea.

The National Water Authority, Nawasa, is responsible for the cleaning of the sewer, however unconfirmed reports are that they are awaiting a pump which was ordered 6 months ago.

Now Grenada is awaiting feedback from Nawasa’s corporate communication department.

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