Traffic regulation, illegal dumping and de-bushing dominate meeting with PM and infrastructural development workers

Prime Minister MItchell meets with Ministry Infrastructural Development

De-bushing, traffic regulation and the illegal dumping of waste by property owners surfaced as 3 areas in need of urgent attention, during a recent meeting between Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell and employees of the Ministry of Infrastructural Development (ID), Implementation, Energy, Public Utilities and Transport.

The meeting, also attended by Minister Gregory Bowen as well as Permanent Secretaries, Kim Frederick, Patricia Clarke and Wilan Thompson, called on the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) to get more involved in regulating parking and traffic.

The meeting heard that Traffic Wardens have already been requested for the town of St George. This decision stemmed from a meeting between the Permanent Secretary (PS) Thompson of Transport and the police department.

The new PS of Transport has already met with the hotel association, bus Association and others. Transport has become a major issue on the nation’s agenda, because of mounting concerns from the public, justifying the need for a PS of Transportation, the meeting was told.

Concerns were also registered that private owners of property dispose of some of their waste which block drainage, making it difficult for road officers.

Employees of the Ministry welcomed the Prime Minister’s statement that there should be improvements to the de-bushing programme. The meeting was told that de-bushing tasks will be strictly measured to maximise time and efficiency of the workers.

There was also a suggestion that some of the de-bushing work should be redirected to helping farm labour throughout the country.


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