tWRF: The blossoming of our “human heritage”

The Willie Redhead Foundation

“A child more than all other gifts that earth can offer to declining man, brings hope with it and forward looking thoughts.” William Wordsworth’s Silas Mana.

At the establishment of the Willie Redhead Foundation (tWRF) in 1994, our mantra then was, “For the preservation and renewal of Urban St George.” This has since changed to “For the conservation and renewal of the National Heritage of Grenada” with an emphasis on the built heritage of our Capital City.

Over time we have seen and experienced the delicate balance between our natural and man-made environment, and the need to harmonise with nature in the creation of an existential habitat for the protection of planet earth.

This reality has now further manifested itself in the awareness of our “Human Heritage”, as the essential component in the transformational contract with nature in the creation as well, of an equitable and compassionate universe, so urgently needed in our present environment. This human heritage which is all around us, came to light when the attention of the editor of the Sentinel was drawn to an article which appeared in the New Today edition of 20 July 2018, titled “What education means to me” written by 11 year old CPEA successful student Amira Ogilvie of Corinth, St David.

Amira Ogilvie and her mother

The well written article gave a biographical sketch of her young life and articulated the socialisation of so many of Grenada’s struggling single parent homes, and the vision (hope) for a better future through the education of its children.

The Willie Redhead Foundation through the Sentinel would like to extend its mantra to include our “Human Heritage” and would like to embrace this young Grenadian and others like her, by offering whatever help in our capacity to provide, in the achievement of her education and the fulfillment of her aspirations for a better Grenada. We wish her well.

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